Mike Lorenz & the Witherbees


About the witherbees…

Mike Lorenz, guitar

Jacqui Armbruster, viola & vocals

Justin Sekelewsi, bass

Zach Martin, drums

“Armbruster’s voice is hauntingly beautiful and her vocal performance impressive, so is the guitar playing of Lorenz. A surprising record with tons of variety and quality. Check this out.”

—Wulf Muller, OKeh Records

“...a must for your record collection.” 

—Cadence Magazine

“The musicians bring traditional jazz aplomb and an intrepid sense of musicianship to each of their efforts on the new album, and the results prove both accessible and surprising.” 

—WXPN’s, the Key


The Philadelphia area folk-jazz band, Mike Lorenz & the Witherbees, is the newest creation of guitarist/composer/bandleader Mike Lorenz. Having released their first LP of new original music and folksy covers in the summer of 2019 to positive reviews, the group continues to develop their sound and reach. They have plans to perform and record through 2019 and 2020.

Mike Lorenz & the Witherbees feature up-and-coming vocalist, violist, & songwriter Jacqui Armbruster, bassist Justin Sekelewski and drummer Zach Martin. The group’s sound is defined by the ever-evolving dialogue between Jacqui’s voice and Mike’s guitar, held up by the supportive and creative grooves from Justin and Zach. Songs like “Home” and “Lilac” showcase Jacqui’s skilled songwriting and the group's instant camaraderie and sound. Covers, like an over-the-edge take on Little Jimmy Scott’s “Sycamore Trees” (from the soundtrack to the original Twin Peaks series) or a loopy and soulful reading of the Magnetic Fields’ “Grand Canyon” give the listener sounds that are simultaneously familiar and new. “Waterfalls” shows the group’s propensity for taking a song they love, tearing it apart, and putting it back together right before the listener's ears. Other musical fascinations explored by the group include Wilco, Sonny Sharrock, the Beach Boys, Paul Motian,, and Carla Bley.